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2017 November

Jenston Technology awarded Grand Award & Hong Kong Sustainability Award (SME) in Hong Kong Sustainability Award 2016/17 

In view of the rising significance of sustainability, Hong Kong Management Association launches the Hong Kong Sustainability Award which brings recognition to organizations that have demonstrated due consideration to the economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainability while achieving good business and organizational performance.


It advocates cross-sector sharing of best practices of sustainability, and inspires organizations to entrench sustainability into their operation and culture with the aim of achieving long-term business sustainability.

Organized by

Award Presentation - Highlights

We are delighted to announce that Jenston Technology has been awarded both the Grand Award and Sustainability Award in the 1st Hong Kong Sustainability Award organized by Hong Kong Management Association.

Hong Kong Sustainability Award

2016/17 Award Presentation

Grand Award &

Hong Kong Sustainability Award

Ms Jane Liu, Managing Director of Jenston Technology, accepts both the Grand Award and Sustainability Award on behalf of our group company at the award presentation ceremony.

In the Press

Hong Kong Economic Times

November 23, 2017

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